Summit to SEA

I am just about to begin my 2.5 month journey along the Murray River from the top of Mt. Kosciuszko to the sea near Goolwa in South Australia.

To follow this adventure, go to

2 Comments on “Summit to SEA

  1. Hi Andrew, I am really enjoying your adventure, and the impressive quality videos that you put together. I am looking forward to the completion . One question I have is about charging your camera and drone whilst remote. Do you have a solar charging set up, or just heaps of spare batteries?
    Thanks and keep up this amazing work.

    • I just carry spare batteries for the cameras and drones. I charge them when at caravan parks or where I am staying on rest days, so the longest I normally go without a charge is about 5 days. I carry 2x chunky battery packs for charging my phone and GPS. The laptop normally runs out of battery after a couple of days, so I tend to just use that for blogging and not video editing (which drains the battery).

      I do have an Anker fold up solar panel, but have never used it. I tend not to be sitting around in the same place long enough to charge anything. Plus when winter paddling, the sun never gets high enough or it is cloudy.

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