Ride – Binalong – Kileys Hill

I just rode (and walked a bit) to the top of Kileys Hill, behind our house at Binalong. It is a killer ascent.

I have done the ride a few times before from the south side, but not for many years. Today I decided to do it from the North side, which involved a lot more riding across (rough) sheep and cow paddocks.

Heading up the hill I got to the point where I was riding along a fence line and had to set myself mini goals of the numbers of fence posts I had to go before resting.

The ride down the hill was short but fun. I did realize half way down that breaks don’t work so well on wet grass. With all the hidden rock in the grass this did become a little alarming at times.

There was plenty of wildlife on the way. I got chased by cows and a bull. Was visited by a couple of horses. On the way down the hill I ended up chasing a lot of sheep and a couple of kangaroos.

Distance: 6.9km
Time: 1:04:28

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