Climbing – A long time between drinks

Last night I finally went climbing again. Darren from work, who is a long time climber and I headed down to ClimbFit in St Leonards. Darren hasn’t climbed for a year or so because he has a couple of young kids that have been taking up all his time. Sean and Indigo also showed up a bit later but we really didn’t get much time to catch up.

The climbing was great. I haven’t done it for a couple of years, so I was expecting to be crap. However I was pleasantly surprised about how long I could last on the wall.

Darren has a great method of indoor climbing, where you must do 10 climbs in the night. It doesn’t matter how simple the last couple of climbs are, you must still do 10 climbs. We managed this last night which felt good.

The plan is to start climbing at Lindfield Rocks when the sun starts setting later. It will be great to get on real rock again because it has been about 12 years since I have done that.

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