Navigation Past This Point May Be Hazardous

One of the most inspirational people I have ever met, worked with and become friends with, is Andrew Gilboy (aka AG). Even though we have only really spent time together a few times, they have been some of the most amazing experiences. Five or so years ago, AG was diagnosed with a very severe form of cancer – Double Hit Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. This typically has a very low survival rate, but AG fought through some horrific treatment and beat it. His very honest blog ( is truely amazing to read.

I met AG, through work, after he had returned from his horrific treatment and was on the mend. His incredible motivation and new lease on life was contagious. Unfortunately he recently got hit with another bout of cancer and is going through more treatment, but fortunately (as of his post today) things are looking hopeful.

Over the last couple of months, AG has been talking about his bucket list and the things he is going to do once he has beaten the cancer for the second time. This got me thinking about my bucket list or at least some of the things I want to do.

Being someone who loves listening to podcasts, I also recently found a new podcast called “Buckit with Phil Keoghan“. Phil Keoghan is the host of the TV show “The Amazing Race” and has also spend years reporting on and doing his own adventures. The Buckit podcast is really interesting as he interviews people that have basically done amazing things and not taken no for an answer.

One of the things that I suddenly realised, like AG, many of these people only started doing these things after a major incident or scare in the lives. This really got me thinking… Why wait until something terrible happens before doing what I want to do?

I also heard some interesting quotes while listening to the podcast. My favourite was…

Don’t let your memories be greater than your dreams – Doug Ivester 

Now I have no idea who Doug Investor is (looks like he was CEO of Coke) but that doesn’t matter. That quote really resonated with me.  It is pretty much the point of this blog. Don’t live in the memories. Do new interesting things.

I have been thinking about doing a gap year for a while. We are in the fortunate position that in a couple of years some of my investments will allow for me to take some time out from my career and do some interesting things. It also looks like this will be around the same time that James will be finishing his final year at school.

I am only just starting to think about what I would want to do with this time, but I do know I want to do some pretty spectacular things. I will be 46 and I think it will be the perfect way to do some great stuff before I turn 50. Not that age is a barrier for anything.

This gap year will also allow me to stop and think about what I want to do when I grow up. I have pretty much been jumping from job to job as new opportunities have come along. I have not had a plan for my career. The fact that I did half a cartography degree and a full ecotourism degree, but have now ended up working for a massive company selling software pretty much highlights that. I will always be able to go back to this world after the gap year, but I really want to take some time to stop and really work out what I want to do next in life.

My latest idea of something big to do, which I am really keen on, is to paddle the length of the Murray River from the source (in the Snowy Mountains in NSW) to the sea (at Gawler in SA). This is about 2500km and would probably take 2 or so months to complete.


Murray River – Source: Murray-Darling Basin Authority

So what does the next 2 years look like. Well, my plan is to do lots of little (weekend) adventures to start getting ready (and fit) for my gap year. I am using 2021 as the goal (which may shift as things get closer to reality). Last year I had a few injuries (back, elbow etc.) and also got a bit chubbier than I would like. So currently it is a case of getting myself back in shape.

I have just started kayaking again after a 5 month break (mostly due to my elbow injury). The elbow is weak and gets a bit achy, but doesn’t hurt, so this is really encouraging. I am going to slowly just build up strength.


This morning’s 15km paddle on the Lane Cove River

So there you have it. I have no fixed plans, but I have a goal… I am going to do things before it is too late. No more waiting and my dreams are going to be bigger than my memories.

5 Comments on “Navigation Past This Point May Be Hazardous

  1. The Murray river Kayak looks like a great bucket list challenge. So pleased you are compiling your list sooner rather than later. Thanks to you I completed one of my bucket list items – hot air balloon ride.
    Louisa G

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