Kayaking on Pittwater – Bobbin Head to Cottage Point

Being my first activity as part of my new no more “used to” ragime, I thought I would start with some pretty straight forward as I only had a couple of hours to plan it. So I decided I would go for a longish paddle in a new part of Pittwater. I have done a fair bit of paddling in the Pittwater area, but normally only go out for an hour at the most. I decided I would push myself and paddle for at least 2 hours.

After a quick scan on Google Earth, I found an interesting looking section of Pittwater at the end of Bobbin Head Road in the Kuring-Gai National Park.

Being jet lagged, I was up and about at about 5.30am. Once Kath was out of bed and could keep James entertained, I scrounged through the garage for my kayaking gear and headed off. After a slowish drive down Bobbin Head Road, having got stuck behind a massive group of Sunday morning North Shore cyclists, I found an average launching spot on the edge of a park.

The paddle was a great way to start the day. It was a pretty cool morning, but as the sun came up it was very pleasant.

The thing I love about Pittwater is the way the steep, tree covered hills come down to the water. Oyster encrusted rocks line the water edge. It is easy to feel like you are getting lost as you go around each bend and are faced with various inlets and coves that look very similar.

Apart from the occasional interruption from some water skiers, I pretty much had the water to myself.

The paddle lasted for about 2 hours and I covered about 10km. It is definitely a nice spot and I will have to go back sometime.

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