Walk – Davidson to Roseville Bridge

After last weekend’s paddle, I spent the first part of this week with a sore tendon in my wrist, so this weekend was going to be all about walking.

Having accomplished a 12.5 km walk in Austria, we decided that James would be ready for a longer Sydney walk. For ages I have wanted to do the full work from Davidson (starting at the top of the Cascades Walk) and ending in Davidson Park (under the Roseville Bridge).

Davidson to Roseville Bridge

Davidson to Roseville Bridge

The walk is about 10 km, but even though it is pretty much all downhill and along the edge of the upper Middle Harbor (which looks more like a creek), it is pretty windy. So with a seven year old it is pretty slow going.

Unfortunately James scraped his knew about 3km into the walk, so the final 7km was spent coaxing him along and dealing with a lot of whingeing. Mental note: take more food and lollies when walking with James.

Whinging seven year olds aside, the walking is very nice. It was a pretty warm morning and in the valley there is not a lot of air flow, so I would be wanting to do this walk in the heart of summer.

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