Walk – Forest Creek Track

My walk today did not start well.  Just outside our house there was a nesting magpie that decided that my ear was posing a threat to its nest and decided to have a goat it. With a hard crack,  next thing I knew was I had blood dibbling down my face.

However  this did not deter me and I continued on. Today  I decided to finish a walk I started the  other day. Half way down the Cascades track (our regular walking track) there is a small track that follows a small creek up into the bush.  Having looked (briefly) at the map, I could see that the the track would eventually end up in the backstreets of Belrose and looked like it would be fairly straight forward.

Forest Creek Track

As I was walking down the Cascades track a couple of hikers mentioned to me that the Forest Creek track was pretty overgrown the last time they walked down it. Again, not deterred I continued on. For most of the way, the track was pretty good, however in the last kilometer, as the track rises up towards Belrose and then completely disappeared. Using the creek as my guide, I bush based my way up to the backs of some houses in Belrose and found a path back onto a road.

It was a nice walk, despite a bleeding ear and lots of scratches on the arms and legs.

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