Malolo Island, Fiji

On Friday night we got back from the most fantastic holiday. We had a week on Malolo Island in Fiji.

The resort (Malolo Island Resort) was a very friendly place and the majority of the staff were from the local village. They were really good with kids and almost all of the staff knew James’ name within a couple of days being there (even without him participating in the Kids Club).

The snorkeling on the island was fantastic. We could snorkel right of the beach outside our buro. We also did a number of boat trips out to some of the other reefs. The fish were plentiful and very friendly. I had plenty of opportunity to test out the GoPro under water. At one point I was going down to the bottom of the reef to retrieve the camera (which I had placed on the sand) and just as I was grabbing it, a black and white sea snake swam towards me. It was spectacular and (apparently) very poisonous. Unfortunately the camera ran out of batteries before I could get a shot of it.

The video below pretty much sums up the entire holiday. We will definitely (one day) go back.

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